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Set of Documents developed by a group of 5 students for the Design Development course at SCI_Arc.

AS3122_Baumgartner_Zamora_ Fall2018 _Gro
Facade Chunk.jpg
Wall Section 04.jpg
Wall Section 01.jpg
Wall Section 03.jpg
Wall Section 02.jpg
3D Detail 01.jpg
3D Detail 02.jpg
3D Detail 03.jpg
Building Envelope System.jpg
Construction Materials.jpg
Fire Separation & Construction Type.jpg
Construction Cost.jpg
Site Plan.jpg
Typical Floor Plan.jpg
Building Section.jpg
Building Elevation.jpg
Wall Section a17.jpg
2D Details 01.jpg
2D Details 02.jpg
2D Details 03.jpg
Panel Design & Mold.jpg
Structural System Selection.jpg
Primary Structure Systems.jpg
Secondary Structure Systems.jpg
Tertiary Structure Systems.jpg
Environmental Systems 01.jpg
Environmental Systems 02.jpg
Lighting Systems.jpg