El Paso Design Hub

To bring designers and artists, the city has began designing a masterplan for the Southern portion of downtown.  This particular zone is underdeveloped, filled with historic residential dwellings, and a haven for low-income artists.  The design hub is supposed to intertwine with the local community and help the area be more active.  Part of a masterplan to revive downtown. Transparency of information is a necessity for the locals, future visitors and artists. This building serves as the beacon for these communities to join and create. The design was derived from "Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal" by Colin Rowe and Robert Slutzky,  manages and leverages the opposite meanings of transparency.  This is then extended to Cubist paintings by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The design of each level and facade are derived by combining these two paintings and rationalizing the end result in Grasshopper. This is then translated to plans and facades for the building.

1st Floor.jpg
2nd Floor.jpg
3rd Floor.jpg